Birthday Loot

All Pirates will Raise their Drinks

A celebration you will never forget 

A year full of adventures is something that any pirate should celebrate, and what better way to do so than accompanied by the most feared crew in Cancun? 

On board the mysterious Jolly Roger, you will celebrate a birthday out of the ordinary, where drink in abundance, delicious food prepared by the best cooks of the seven seas, and a live pirate show with pyrotechnic games, a piñata, and cake in abundance, will inspire you to join the cheer of the crew. 

With this special offer, the best pirate-style birthday party is guaranteed. Dare to live this adventure that few have been part of! 

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$240 USD

$240 USD

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  • Pirate hat for the celebrated person and companions (maximum 5 hats) 
  • Balloons with the number of the celebrated age 
  • Cake with a sparkling candle 
  • Piñata - souvenir 
  • Pirate birthday certificate  
montaje bodas jolly roger cancun


barra bodas jolly roger cancun


barra bodas jolly roger cancun