From: Scandinavian

Position: Painter

Of Scandinavian origin, Valkyrie was the daughter of the Viking squire named Engla, who was the illegitimate son that resulted from an encounter between his mother and an unknown pirate. Engla taught Valkyrie to use the crossbow and shield from a very young age. On one journey, Valkyrie accompanied her young mother on a trip to England, where they found themselves on an island with an old monastery which they attacked to gather provisions and recruit slaves. An old monk gave a strange chest to Valkyrie and her warrior mother. During the return trip to leave the island, the old monk turned out to be a Shaman, and opened the chest to show Valkyrie the interior, but made her promise to keep its contents a secret.

One night, Valkyrie went to return the chest to the Shaman as she did not know how to use the tools she had found inside. However, the Shaman no longer wanted it and claimed that the chest had chosen Valkyrie as its new owner. The shaman broke his vow of silence, and taught painting techniques to the girl to further develop her natural artistic abilities as the chest contained paint brushes and paintings of the underworld showing the true destiny of people. The Shaman read the future of Valkyrie and entrusted her with the task of traveling to certain lands to perfect her painting techniques, while also working to help cursed people. Finally, the Shaman told Valkyrie that they would see each other again on his last crossing and at that time, would tell her where her father was. Growing up, Valkyrie undertook many trips to distant lands where she learned about different pigments for painting, magic and how to fight. The trip that excited Valkyrie the most was when she visited the Caribbean since Shaman told her that’s where they would meet again. At that time, she left the sea for a while and traveled on land learning about the culture in the region and met other shamans who taught her the representation of death. Seeing the beauty of this, Valkyrie decided to recreate it in his face by adapting her battle makeup.

After that trip, she decided to return to the sea bringing along several special plants and minerals for the paintings she wanted to create. However, on her way she was captured by mercenaries who wanted to sell her as a slave. Valkyrie knew that pirate captains were very egocentric and instead was able to negotiate her freedom in exchange for a portrait. She had previously succeeded in creating portraits for both pirates Blackbeard and Morgan. When they arrived at the port on the Jolly Roger, captain Black Jack was interested in obtaining more crew and tried to force slaves to become crew members by offering them their freedom after a voyage to overtake the Golden Fleece is complete. Valkyrie is one of the first to accept this offer, but Black Jack refused saying that it is unlucky to take women on a boat. However, the Shaman insisted to Black Jack to bring Valkyrie due to her artistic talents for painting and Black Jack conceded. Later, Valkyrie is also accepted by the pirate crew once she shows them her battle skills and exposes her artistic gifts and the ability to disguise true intentions through art.