Pirate Carlota

From: Spain

Position: Pirate

Noble daughter turned savvy pirate

Carlota was born Malica Salvatore Arvalles in Spain. The only daughter of a couple from a very high ranking Spanish family, Malica was a great admirer of her father, Luis Arvalles, one of the best swordsmen in Spain. Although her mother, Maria Blasco, tried to distract her with activities more appropriate for a woman her age, Malica was determined to follow her father in order to learn the art of combat. Being that she was his only daughter, her father gave into her requests and he taught her all he knew from an early age.


Unfortunately, in one of the meetings organized by her father to plan a counterattack against the enemies of the crown, Malica’s father was betrayed and murdered by his once allies. Julio Casas, the man who led the assassination, then went on to persecute the whole family, accusing Malica’s father of a plot against the Spanish crown. Malica survived an attack by three men sent by Julio to capture her but alas her mother was brutally murdered. She then fled from Spain in fear for her life.

In search of the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship

Malica had heard great stories from her father about the Jolly Roger, the most powerful pirate ship on the high seas. As revenge, she swore to avenge the memory of her parents by finding the captain of this ship in order to join them to attack Spanish ships working for the crown.

Refuge and escape

First, she took refuge on the ship captained by her uncle, Francisco Arvalles. After hearing her story, he promised his niece to help her find Captain Black Jack and avenge his brother’s murder. Unfortunately, in one of the many adventures with her uncle, Malica was cursed for stealing a famous treasure from the great library of Alexandria. The curse of the treasure caused the thief to suffer a slow living death where the perpetrator would slowly turn to stone.

The Silent Shaman

Fortune would have it that when Captain Francisco Arvalles' vessel was traveling to Ecuador, they captured the ship of English captain, Richard Hawkins and his entire vessel. Among their prisoners was a powerful shaman, Chamie. In exchange for his freedom and life, Francisco Arvalles asked the shaman to stop his niece’s curse, which was fulfilled on the spot, though Malica was left scarred for life.

h3. Another escape

A few months later, Captain Francisco Arvalles' pirate ship was involved in an counter-attack from the English fleet who outnumbered them on this occasion. Seeing that they would surely lose the battle, Captain Francisco Arvalles asked the shaman to take care of Malica, sending them out on a lifeboat so they could escape. After a couple of weeks drifting, the Shaman and Carlota were rescued by the Jolly Roger pirate ship and Malica changed her name to protect her identity, becoming Carlota.