From: Spain

Logan was a Welsh Pirate born in the province of Spain in 1632.

Logan was well known for looting crimes that he committed within his hometown, and many assaults were attributed to him. Some people believe that he hid the booty that he accumulated over the years in a very well hidden spot, due to the fact that he had a general attitude of distrust and selfishness.   

In 1695, Pirate Logan continued looting, but made a big mistake by becoming an alcoholic and a womanizer due to the excess of money and treasure he had accrued over the years. His laissez faire attitude even let him to bet everything he had when gambling, and he ultimately lost everything.  However, the only thing that remained was the big booty that he had carefully hidden, but sadly his abuse of alcohol had made him lose his memory and he couldn’t remember where he had hidden it. 

Centuries later in 1856, a map appeared hidden inside a table in an antique shop. The document indicated the coordinates of an alleged island called “Coconuts” in the Caribbean Sea. Supposedly, according to the map a great treasure was hidden on the island. Captain Black Jack learned of the hidden treasure, and said he would pay a great price to whoever found it.  On the Jolly Roger pirate ship, Pirate Logan has decided to sail once again on the Caribbean Sea as a crew member in order to steal back his hidden treasure map.